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Just $33 per Month!

Over the past 14 years, American Prosperity Systems has helped people start their own direct mail businesses, working from home and making money. Now, in the digital age, American Prosperity Systems is evolving to include a new digital concept and a new way to make income from home.

“We’ve found a way for people to make money with just a $33 purchase—the Residual Compensation Wave! We are looking for people who want to catch the wave and learn to earn more income! And with our money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Chris Hollinger, former teacher
Money Back Guarantee – The Chicken Shack


American Prosperity Systems Delivers Everything You Need for Just $33 per Month — Complete Affiliate System and Back Office!

1. Unlimited access to our Prosperity Library! Over 11 gigabytes of marketing, advertising tips, tricks and strategies and examples of real wold programs that have generated millions of dollars in profits!

This is a must have for any business owner or entrepreneur.

2. American Prosperity Systems Monthly Newsletter! Get A FREE One Here!
3. 100% Money Back Guarantee
4. Unlimited Income potential on personal sales.

(You get $14.00 per month for every new affiliate who auto-ships their $33.00!)

5. No computer needed (We have a special hotline for people who don’t have computers).
6. No cold-calling, or soliciting (Unless you want to share this with your friends and family).
7. Built in advertising modules (Advertising systems that work and don’t cost a bunch)

a. Custom Facebook ads that are placed and monitored for you. A real Game-Changer!
b. Lead generation direct mail that works!

8. FREE advertising resources! (All launch from your APS Back Office)

a. Ready to send emails and text messages customized with your link.
b. Ready to mail or email sales letters already customized with your link.
c. Ready to copy and paste banner ads.
d. Ready to print and mail lead generation letters customized with your link!

9. True up-line “Spillover” help from above in our Residual Compensation Wave!
10. Proven system that is changing the entire industry!
11. 4 X 10 Forced Residual Compensation Wave that pays up to up to $1,398,100.00 per month.
12. All run by a former Kansas teacher who is dedicated to your success!

Our Compensation Plan Is Really Simple!

  • If you are the parent/sponsor you get $13.00 per month plus another $1.00 from the 4X10 Forced Residual Compensation Wave! Every sale you make pays you $14.00 per month!
  • Any affiliate in your RCW. You get $1.00 every month they auto-purchase their newsletter/affiliate system/library card. Regardless of who their sponsor/parent is. This happens two ways. If someone below you makes a sale, you get $1.00. If someone above you makes a sale and that person “Surfs” into your wave, then you get $1.00 every month they auto-purchase their newsletter/affiliate system.
    • If they are in your Residual Compensation Wave and they spend $33.00 per month, you get paid $1.00 regardless of who their sponsor/parent is!
    • Plus: When any of your personally sponsored affiliates purchase an advertising module, you get a 5% commission from an advertising campaign they purchased that helps build your monthly commissions!



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