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Chris Hollinger

Money Back Guarantee – American Prosperity SystemsThank you for your interest in learning more about Milayna’s Magic Mailing Multiplier System. You will see exactly how this system works to deliver real money to you FAST! You will not get a lot of fluff, this is because I’m a straightforward, no-nonsense, just get directly to the point kind of a person.

If after you have read this entire “To the Point” letter and you know as I do, that my simple system can help you earn an ongoing and growing “Tax-Free” donation stream, then and only then, do I want you to join.

But first, I’m going to lay out all the details on exactly how it works, why we have the perfect timing and how my totally hands-free, fully automated system will work for you GUARANTEED! (See 60 Day Money Back Details below)

You are not going to have to search through this entire website to figure out what it costs to get this amazing system up and running at the perfect time to CASH-IN!

Only $85 per month launches a Guaranteed Money Delivery System that pays you guaranteed money donations in less than 30 days! But it’s so much more than guaranteed


Here’s the Seven Iron-Clad, Strong as Steel nuts and bolts that power my ALL-NEW Proven System:
(I live in Pittsburgh, PA So please forgive my steel analogies).

When you join by completing the enclosed form and following the simple joiners’ instructions my system will automatically kick into HIGH-GEAR and do exactly what it was designed to do and start delivering Tax-Free donations directly to you! (Check out #5 below and learn how I guarantee you money and growth)

  1. You never have to mail anything, my automated system does it all for you every month.
  2. My system and marketing fulfillment center does all the selling and logistical work for you.
  3. We immediately issue you a Guaranteed Office Use Code. This tracks all donations that come to you. This is an important part of my system. Your code is connected to your name and your name ends up on pay lines in my automated system. Whenever a donation is made that is connected to your name or pay line, you receive a $15.00 donation. (I’ll fully explain in a bit)
  4. My system will mail Twenty-five (25 count) Lead Generation letters with your code on them for you every single month you are donating in the system.
  5. This is huge and is what separates my system from so many, “UGLY” mailer systems…When you join, my marketing fulfillment center will automatically place the next two people who join under you! This pays you $30.00 per month guaranteed! However, it is much more than that! Because every month those two people donate their $85.00 total (ea.) you will automatically receive $30.00 every month, plus and this is huge: Your name and code are connected to their name and code in the system, so when their letters generate donations, you get paid!
  6. Once you are in someone’s payline, you are always on their payline! This works three ways: This is a proven legal donation system delivers donations to you well under the annual limit per individual donation. So monies delivered to you via this system are considered Tax-Free. A 1099 K form may be sent to you next year that accounts for these donated monies. Please consult your local tax professional for specific details related to Tax-Free donations and how they may affect your specific situation.

First, the two people we assign you who join right after you, every time they send their automated donation, you get paid.

Second, Whenever your letters/lead generation letters bring in a new person, you get paid every month they are active and you also go on their payline.

Third, when their letters bring in people you go on that person’s payline to get paid every month. Soon you could be on many, many paylines! It’s all about multiplying the paylines you are on in the system and multiplying the automated letters that are growing in your favor every month.

7. Every month the system calculates how many pay lines you are on for every monthly donation. This can come in many different forms. Checks, money orders, automatic bank drafts, credit/debit cards. Say for example you are on 100 different active pay lines. This means that you will receive 100 X $15.00= $1500.00 in donations.

Now let’s look at how it grows and multiplies for you.

Remember, once you join my system mails Twenty-five (25 Count) lead generation pieces for you every month once your $85 donation is received. (This is also fully automated)


Once you are connected to anyone’s payline or letter you are always on that payline connection. Here’s another great way to look at how the system Maxes Out Your Donations and grows:

In a few short months you can go from $30.00 Guaranteed donations to over $5000.00!And Growing Fast! It’s all about multiplying your paylines in our automated system.

2 +4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512+1024+2048+4096…
The numbers add up to FastCash For You!

Imagine having your name on just 200 paylines every month!
That’s 200 times $15.00= $3000.00!

An Extra $3000.00 per month is going to happen for someone soon. It should be you!

Let’s take a look at how the $85 monthly donations breaks down from every monthly sale/renewal so you will fully understand my system.

  1. Every donation pays $60.00 in donations to four different people. (4 people on every single payline in the system.
  2. That leaves 60-85= $25.00 that goes to my marketing fulfillment company to make sure your 25 lead generation letters are mailed every month to great home-based buyers lists. Plus, my Marketing fulfillment center handles everything, every month.

You don’t have to mail unless you want to. You are not stuffing envelopes and applying postage or making copies and trying to mail out an ugly letter to unproven lists! You don’t need a computer; you don’t need to worry about finding good mailing lists. You don’t have to ask your friends and family.

You just plug in and get paid GUARANTEED!

How our automated mailing system works: Simple volume. Great Lists. Quality Control.


Volume Discounts


As this system builds we will be mailing more and more every month, right? Well by using an experienced mailing house by mailing in large numbers every month I plug into seriously discounted rates for “High Quality” printing of envelopes, letters and especially postage! I can pass these savings along to you and seriously save a lot of money, especially in this crazy Covid economy and supply chain shortages.

(What follows here is key)


Great Lists


Folks, this is where we separate ourselves from the ratty pack of ugly, worthless mailing systems, here’s why: I will not mail your lead generation pieces to a junky mailing list! I only mail to lists, and from list brokers who represent the best home-based business buyers in the country! Period, point-blankend of story! You get the best every time!

Plus, we are constantly testing the lists every quarter to identify the absolute best lists for this offer, and then, guess what? We slam those great lists with your mailing piece that has your Guaranteed Money Office Use Code. This is how you make the very most money in this industry.


Quality Control


When it comes to multiplying mailing programs in this industry one thing always seems to happen. This is especially true with the cheap ones that tell you to do reverse mailings by making your own copies and mailing. What happens to a letter that has been copied by hundreds of people all over the country? It looks like crap that’s what! Well with Milayna’s Magic Mailing Multiplier, this never happens!

This means that any prospect seeing your letter will get the absolute best-looking version of your letter that there is! We will not scrimp on the quality of printing or the quality of lists! This means that each and every lead generation letter we mail out for you has the best chance of arriving in good condition! This cannot be said for so many junky mailers floating around out there in this industry.

Simply put, if you are going to mail, mail the best-looking and performing mailing piece in the industry. And…Always, and I mean always, mail to the best lists!

Now I’m about to share something that no other marketer in this industry will ever share: There will come a time when this offer begins to saturate the market and overall conversions will decline.

Here’s why: Every single offer in this industry has a natural lifespan. It’s just that simple! It can normally be broken down into these main phases. You Cash In On Our… Exponential Growth Phase, Maintenance Growth Phase!

Right now, we are in Our Post-Launch Phase, so you have a great deal of money to be made!

***($60.00 In Tax -Free Donations are generated with every $85.00 per month sale. Every month, every sale pays $60.00)


Normally a good, or great offer will have an overall lifespan of about 24-36 months before low conversions make it way too unprofitable to continue mailing.

I bet no other marketer has ever been so blunt with you before. Right? Well, here’s some great news.

You are just now getting this during our Post-Launch Phase! This means the folks who join now should be the ones with the best shot at Maxing-Out the potential of this absolutely Top-Shelf Mailing System! I mean, when’s the last time, if ever that you were GUARANTEED Money?

Plus… As we progress, I feel that those joining now have a great opportunity to experience significant growth for the following 24-36 months or more. It’s all-new and just now launching.

However, there is yet an even bigger reason why you should experience significant, long term success! Super Cool!

By joining now you will also get Milayna’s Keep It Fresh Guarantee!


(Industry First Revolutionary Concept in Home-Based Wealth Building)


By joining now for only $85.00 per month, I guarantee that you will always have a great offer mailing with your code on it every month. Here’s what I mean.


When the conversions for this program begin to decline, I will automatically have a new and improved offer that will begin mailing for you once it is tested. This way when the inevitable happens and offers decline, you are not asked to Re-Join a new system and purchase again, instead we automatically plug you into a new offer and begin building for as part of your normally scheduled mailings that continue to drop every month. This way you are always on the cutting edge of industry trends and offers.

Now let’s Look At How You Actually Get Paid!

First, I don’t make you wait around. We pay every Two Weeks! Rain, Sleet, Snow Or Hail, You Get Paid! I’m committed to getting your money to you
FAST and Often!

As I have stated above, you can join using Cash, Check, Money Orders or Credit/Debit Cards. However, I can only pay out all the donations that come through your pay lines with an extremely safe, secure, and very fast method of payment. One that transfers funds directly from my bank to yours.

Therefore you have to have a checking account or a savings account to receive monies from this system. This also means that you will have to share this information on the order form. (If you just don’t have banking or you don’t want to share this information, we will cut you a check monthly.)

Here’s why: It is way too costly and dangerous for me to be mailing donation checks and even possibly cash all over the country! Plus, here’s what this system does for you.

  1. You get your donations very Quickly! I mean super FAST!
  2. Once it is set up it is like a Cash Money Pipeline Directly to You.
  3. All donations rolling to you are tracked in my online banking system and yours!
  4. Super safe and super secure data storage on a state-of-the-art secure system.
  5. Very easy for my team to transfer funds to you quickly!
  6. Often times we will be doing transfers daily! However, at the minimum, you will receive full payouts every two weeks.
  7. This is a One-Way Pipeline! It only adds cash in your account! Get Your Cash Pipeline NOW!

The system calculates how many active pay lines you are on and we authorize a transfer to you!

“But wait! What If I Don’t Have A Checking or Savings Account?”

Now, I realize that you may not have an account, or that you prefer to get paid by check. I totally get it! I really do…So, on your enclosed order form you can opt into our Bi-Monthly check. writing system.

However, if you choose this option, it will cost extra to have these checks printed, securely mailed, and delivered to you with a signature possibly required.

Example: 300 Active Pay lines Times $15.00, Pays You: $4500.00 Directly To You FAST! 

I highly recommend using the Direct Bank Pipeline method of receiving your donations generated by my automated system. Especially for moving large amounts of donations to you quickly!


  1. You won’t have to wait to get paid! Plus, it’s safe.
  2. Check delivery is expensive and time-consuming Plus, in this crazy economy, you don’t want some petty thief stealing Thousands out of your mailbox!

I’ve seen it happen and I’m sure you have as well! That’s why I use a safe and secure system!

Remember, once your Direct Cash Pipeline Is set up all your vital information is secured by Ultra- Secure, Industry Best Online Banking Protocols and your hard-copy information is under a triple Lock and key secured office with security systems as well as armed security personnel at my marketing fulfillment center. We even have a trained guard dog (Niko) on duty 24/7! No joke!

(This Next Part Is Vital To How The System Works, But A Little Complicated To Explain)

I want you to fully understand how my Payline System works to generate hundreds, if not thousands of $15.00 payouts directly into your Donation Pipeline! Check it out!

First, once join you will be entered into the system. Next to your information, there are four spaces that contain the Guaranteed MMMM Codes. These codes correspond to the exact four people who earn a $15.00 donation every time your $85 monthly contribution processes.

Now imagine, every month as your mailers go out for this Red-Hot Offer and your code in multiplied on paylines by the sales your letters generate, plus the sales other people generate who are connected to your code and soon you are on hundreds of pay lines! Once you are on a Pay Line and that person renews, you get paid $15.00! It’s that simple. We build and Pay!

Now a big question? Where do the two people we give to you come from? The most accurate answer is: Multiple Places, here’s why. We are actually generating sales from two concurrent systems.

  1. When a sale is generated from a letter that has your MMMM Code you will be placed in their payline. So every time they auto-renew, you get paid. Remember, once you are on any payline, you are always there! (You will always be on the pay line of anyone you personally sponsor)
  2. My marketing machine is always mailing lead-generation pieces through our mailing operations. Those sales all go into the “next two” holding column. So regardless of how they are generated, the sales are placed accordingly in sequence. As fast as this offer grows, there is typically very little delay in placing the Two people who join after you.

Don’t Wait To Get Your Very Own Cash-Money Direct Pipeline Set Up Today!


Load Up On A Sure And Secure Thing! A Proven System and Get What You Want!

  • The vacations of your dreams could be just around the corner! Champagne Wishes! Prime Rib Dreams!
  • Get that new car or truck that was maybe out of reach for so long! Pay Off Debt!
  • Help your family, your friends, your grandkids! Give more to your church? Get Excited!
  • Smile and have a great time at the grocery store, don’t scrimp on things you want for things you need!

There’s no more surviving for you! You are going to be the BOSS with a stack of cash and more flowing in every week! It’s time for you to win and win BIG TIME!

Kick this bad economy to the curb and act now! Don’t Wait And Don’t Miss Out!


Join Milayna’s Magic Mailing Multiplier Right This Very Second and…


Rock out with a genuine marketing pro who knows that her interests are directlytied to helping you WIN!

The more money I help you make, the more I make! That’s the way it should be! I’ve done my homework and know for a 100% fact that the simple, automated system I have created for you will work. That’s why I stand behind it with my Money Back Guarantee!

Friend, I know you want and need extra cash pouring in! I know in my heart that my system can work for you. However, I also know that in today’s scary economy, strained/over-hyped political climate, and Sky-High Inflation we all have way too much to worry about! Right?

Well, spending money with me should not be one of them! So I want to make it even easier for you to say yes to me today and begin raking in huge sums of cash money every month!

I’m so sure that you will love my new program that I’m willing to Give Your Money Back!

You read that right! If within 60 days of joining, you want or need out of my program, I’ll give your donation portions of your $85 per month back to you! From every monthly $85 dollar payment, we pay out $60.00, correct? Well, if before 60 days of receiving your initial startup, you want your money back, I’ll give you up to $120.00 back! The monies we spend to fulfill mailings cannot be refunded, fair enough?

Ok, I told you this was going to be short and straightforward, however, if you have questions, please dial my Marketing Fulfillment Hotline.  316-536-9598 

Join Right now for just $85 per month! And know that you are protected by my Money Back Guarantee, My Keep it Fresh Guarantee and begin getting your Guaranteed Growth and Guaranteed Money! 

Plus, always remember… I’m dedicated to your Multiplier Success!

All My Best, 

Milayna Grace


Very important to know: You are not paid monthly, but every 10-14 days!


(We have had some folks who got mad because they thought they should have been paid more, but didn’t realize that we don’t pay once per month, but every 10-14 days.)

Every 10-14 days the system looks at all the sales that came in and or renewed in that time frame…Then…


  1. If the sale is connected to your office use code, you are paid $15.00 for that sale. 
  2. The two people we put under you, when they make a sale you get paid! (You get paid for them every month and you get paid every month from any sales they make. 
  3. Any person who signs up from your letter, you get paid: $15.00 every month!
  4. This process repeats in the system as you move from Payline position 4 to Payline position. a. As people join those who are assigned to you or from those sales coming from your exact letter and office use code: Basically, once you are on a person’s Payline, when they join or renew monthly you get paid.
  5. Only when you are in Payline Position 1, when a new sale happens are you bounced out of that new person’s payline. As each generation comes in you are moved one spot over from 4 to 3, 3-2, 2-1, and then finally 1 to off.
  6. Essentially you are paid down 4 generations.
  7. Plus every sale has to clear to make it onto the Paid Report.

All you do is join FREE For 30 days and the system does the rest!


Still, what is beginning to happen is people are making money so they are bringing in their family members, so it’s really heating up quickly! I mean SUPER FAST!

Seriously my friend, don’t miss out on Tax-Free Donations that could and should be yours! Cash in and kick this bad economy to the curb!

Very truly yours,  

Milayna Grace. MMMM Fulfillment 

(Mil-ay-Na) But you can call me Milly 

This is all made better by my partnership with American Prosperity Systems in Wichita, KS. With 20 years of experience in fulfilling direct mail programs.

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