About American Prosperity Systems

A System That Works… and You Don’t Have to Talk to Anyone

If you’re like most Americans you’ve got credit card and student loan debt, mortgage payments and maybe even struggle each month to make ends meet.

You’d like to make more income, but don’t have the time and not everyone is a salesperson. At APS, we’ve created a system that gets results, and you don’t have to talk to anyone. But how does it work?

“The American Dream is not out of reach. You just need a way to access it simply and you need a system that works. American Prosperity Systems is what you need to start making money now.”

Chris Hollinger

About Chris Hollinger

Chris is from the small town of Towanda, Kansas. No stranger to hard work, Chris has been employed since first being hired to work at his uncle’s restaurant in the summer of 1978 when he was just 13-years-old. Chris washed dishes, bussed tables and peeled thousands of five gallon buckets of potatoes! Every weekend and all summer long for the next 10 years he worked at the diner, all the way through college.

In addition to working at the diner, Chris has always been entrepreneurial. During college he mowed lawns, shoveled snow and sold home improvement projects. Chris’ friends and college teammates were amazed that he always had lots of money! What they didn’t always see was the work and determination that generated the income. In 1988 he earned his bachelors degree in Business Administration with minors in Marketing and Management.

Chris then went on to acquire a State of Kansas teacher’s certificate to teach Social Studies as well as business classes. Teaching and coaching were going to be his career until he found a keen insight and ability to create systems that sell products and services. After 10 years teaching, it soon became apparent that he could still teach, but instead of selling American history to high school students, he could teach people from all over the country about prosperity.

In the age of internet gurus who “guarantee” to lead you to the promised land, Chris brings decades of experience and a body of work that was forged by his entrepreneurial spirit to the office every day. American Prosperity Systems is real, honest prosperity with purpose, just like Chris.

How the Wave Works


Every sale that happens via your affiliate url or referral code pays you $13. However, you will also earn “Riptide” $1 commissions from those sales happening 4 wave out. Every APS System sale pays 3 different affiliates and you in the red riptide section of your wave. Each sale you earn $14 and it only grows from there!

Who Makes Up Your Residual Compensation Wave?

Personal Sale

This person purchased from your affiliate URL or referral code. You get paid $13.00 for their purchase. Plus $1 per month every time they purchase their monthly newsletter. Each sale you earn $14! Every personal sale will begin a riptide!

Team Sale

Earn $1 per month every time one of your team members (person who signed up through you), sells an APS system. This riptide continues, adding more dollars into your pocket. Your RCW has the potential, at level 10 to have you earning nearly $1.4 million per month!

Advertising Sales

Advertising commissions are generated from personal sales only. Every time these people purchase any advertising from their back office advertising modules, you earn 5% of the total sale. Advertising is a product that produces a commission to you, from a sale that grows your team.









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