Welcome to the APS library! You have before you an incredible ever expanding resource that helps you to be a better entrepreneur, marketer and business person regardless of the specific product, service or opportunity you may want to build or sell. Our intent for this library is to be a repository of information that educates and helps people improve It contains examples of sales letters, home-based business programs and many “How-To” documents. You are free to use all the information here to help you create programs that you may want to launch/sell, but never can you do so by copying these documents verbatim. Likewise, all informational products are for educational purposes only and cannot be re-sold by you outside the terms of the American Prosperity Systems Money Train Affiliate agreement and or with the express permission of the owner or author.

Disclaimer: All library contents are for example only! They are not to be used without considerable changes to customize the materials for your use. Many of the programs will need external infrastructure in order to be launched if this is your intent. As these programs are the intellectual property of the author(s) and companies that originally created them, they are never to be used in their current exact form and without permission. Even though many of these letters have been used to sell opportunities and home-based businesses, the legality of their use is not implied, construed or in any way transferable to you, the Money Train Affiliate. The original authors or creating companies reserve the right to protect their intellectual property even though they have agreed to include such property in the American Prosperity Systems Money Train Library. Ideas can be copied, concepts can be learned and used. Plagiarism is not acceptable and under no circumstances can the legality of any offer included in this library be implied. The authors or creating companies of any published materials found in this library can not be held responsible in any way whatsoever for the promises or content made within said offer or document. ALL published materials are for example and educational purposes only.