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How it Works: Please Let Me be Blunt About Making Money From Home!

Chris Hollinger
Chris Hollinger, former teacher turned entrepreneur
American Prosperity Systems can make you serious money through sales of our products. Every sale that happens pays affiliate commissions. See our Residual Compensation Wave for specific details on the About Us page.

So let’s concentrate on how the system can make you a serious residual income that can pour in for years to come. In the process you’ll see how it all works and why our systems keep it going for you.

Most affiliate and direct sales companies rely on their people to advertise and sell their products, services or opportunities. Even in this modern era of technology the tried and true friends and family method of marketing works… For the company, but rarely for the individual affiliate. American Prosperity Systems is different in this very important aspect. We continually create good advertising and marketing campaigns for our affiliates to use and build their business.

Our continued focus on providing quality marketing campaigns helps ensure your success and protects income streams for years, here’s why.

The key to prolonged success for your business is duplication. Most people want to hit home-runs. In any home-based business, home runs are few and far between. What’s a home run? It’s when you run an advertising or marketing campaign and make a million dollars very quickly, or for that matter even $250,000.00 in a matter of a few months. I know an absolute fantastic marketer from Georgia that has been making millions of dollars for decades and he’ll be the first to tell you that he has never hit a home-run! Instead he has hit many of singles, doubles and triples.

We have a system that allows you and all the folks who join your Residual Compensation Wave to plug into state of the art and science advertising and marketing campaigns and hit singles, doubles and triples!

That my friend is duplication! Imagine, having an army of people working for you and all making sales. Can you see how powerful that can be and the prosperity it can bring to your life? Well, that is the system we have created! You will never be left wondering what to do or how to do it. Let’s take a look at just how different American Prosperity Systems really is when compared to almost every direct sales and affiliate program in the world today.

Marketing and Advertising Strategies Used by
Many of the Most Innovative Companies

  • Friends and family
  • Home meetings/parties
  • They may provide banner ads you can place online, but you have to place them and the ads are typically weak. Mainly branding ads that don’t get attention and have no marketing edge or call to action.
  • Business cards/brochures you have to buy or print yourself

Results of this kind of system: The company grows, heavy-hitter marketers who can build systems grow and get rich, but most who join/purchase are left with very little commissions and eventually drop out!

Marketing and Advertising Strategies Employed by
American Prosperity Systems Affiliates

  • All of the above is ready to go for you if you are so inclined. Matter of fact, APS is so profitable, you’ll most likely feel guilty for not sharing with the ones you love and it will be much easier because you should be able to show them the money!
  • State of the art direct mail campaigns run for you by one of the most advanced mailing systems on the planet! With a click of your mouse, you can mail as many “Hard-Hitting” direct response letters written by marketers who know how to sell as you want. All printed, addressed and mailed within 48 hours of placing your order.

    Here’s the key to direct mail: Regardless of how good your offer is, the success of the offer/mailing is determined by how good the mailing list is that was used. Great offers mailed to bad lists will tank every time! I have been mailing good offers to good lists for 14 years, I know which ones work and all the good ones are refreshed every 90 days. With the strength of our offer, products and company we consistently hit singles, doubles and triples.

  • Ready to run text messages that drive people to your referral code or marketing url.
  • Ready to run emails that drive people to your referral code or marketing url.
  • Ready to run social media ads with instructions.
  • Professionally developed individual online campaigns that can be run with a click of your mouse, or even by calling our Urgent Care Hotline and having my operators run the campaigns for you. This aspect separates APS from the crowd and is what makes our offer viable for people joining your “wave” years from now. My team and I will always be developing campaigns that APS Affiliates can use to, guess what… Hit singles, doubles and triples!

When I say that we are dedicated to your success, it means something. Words without meaningful specifics are shallow and meaningless. My team and I are dedicated to providing easy to run, effective campaigns for our American Prosperity Systems Affiliates, for you. Building systems that work is what I do best! It is what provides me the greatest joy in my professional life. Marketing is fun! It’s rewarding and I absolutely know that this model can do one very important thing for you… Hit singles, doubles and triples!

It can do the same for those in your wave, building your income and theirs. In the process, our system helps you produce a life of prosperity with purpose and an ear to ear grin as you’ll know that you finally found a system that works.

Purchase your Library Card today, then run some campaigns, you’ll be glad you did. However, you can’t make a hit without stepping up to the plate. “Play Ball!”

Dedicated to your success,
Chris Hollinger
Chris Hollinger, former teacher turned entrepreneur

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